Thursday, January 22, 2009

The January Wall. Here's how my office wall looks lately, what with the New Year and all that. One visitor said there is no cohesion between my varied pictures and artefacts - the display is rather mixed up. Make your own decision - how many of us are singular in our interests anyway?
The wall-hangings left to right are:
1. Crucifix bought for me from Catholic Truth Society circa 1980 by girlfriend of that time.
2. Print of the first Broons Annual cover from the late 1930's.
3. Fantastic Four Jack Kirby print from Marvel Comics website.
4. Report from Newcastle Evening Chronicle about new Bishop-elect, Seamus Cunningham of Hexham and Newcastle Diocese.
5. Cover by Steve Ditko of Amazing Spiderman Number 33, early 1960s.
6. "Punk's Not Dead" 2009 Calendar reduced to £1.99 in sales. Current picture of Glen Matlock is OK, but could prove shameful when June's picture of Boomtown Rat's Bob Geldof is on show.
7. Page (not original) from a 1930's Lord Snooty strip illustrated by Dudley Watkins.
8. Plaque bought from Lourdes during 2008 depicting Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.
9. Official Broons 2009 Calendar bought from The Sunday Post.