Saturday, March 31, 2007

Amateur signs. I love these almost as much as old style professional sign-writer work (and those are getting so scarce I feel like a jubilant David Attenbrough when I find a good one.) Here are two obviously amateur signs which almost border on folk art in their naivete.
First one for a Chinese Buffet was found in Bishop Auckland. This takes a highly painterly approach with liberal splashes of (gloss?) colour. Unashamed dripping is a feature as are quickly dabbed flower motifs. Every inch of space is filled, note the arbitrary repetition of the word "buffet".
The second amateur piece is from Horden, Co. Durham. The approach is entirely different, highly tentative, with no evident artistic "flair". There is no understanding of centre-ing the letters. These are applied using a stencil, but the maker couldn't resist dotting the i's (but on capitals?) In the end the sign was abandoned but remains fixed to the shop exterior in its full illiterate beauty!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday night and the working week is over. Even pen-pushers with O-Levels will be thinking about leaving the wife at home with her knitting and having a pint or twelve down the local. Try this Disappearing Phrase out on the barmaid. She's sure to be impressed.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Closed Shops. I have a definite fascination with abandoned, empty or redundant business premises. Those with explanatory window notices especially appeal to my imagination. If you are a visitor or passer by you can only guess at the story behind these shops of mystery. When you peer through the dusty windows it's impossible to resist wondering what the owners were like, where they are now and did they ever get over their bout of ill health? I took the first photo in Willington and the second in Fencehouses, both Co.Durham.

Expect some more North East photographic posts as I now carry my camera wherever I travel. These spots of run-down beauty are worth preserving before they are ruined by re-development.