Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Treasure Chest Comic 1946-1972. This educational comic book was published in the USA by George A Pflaum and provided (free?) to Catholic parochial school students during the above years.Treasure Chest's solid pre-Vatican II dogma expressed in strip form must have been intended as a moral antidote to the horror and superhero comics which were exerting an unholy grip on America's youth.
Despite these clear digital archive scans you can't help but smell the musty whiff of cheap newsprint, eye the glow of a yellowed patina and somehow hear the echo of classes of schoolchildren collectively chanting the answers to the Baltimore Catholic Catechism.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Vegetable box art. In the quest for the unsophisticated and the unintentionally odd in graphic design I offer these examples of fruit shop cardboard boxes. I had to snap these screenprinted goodies with my roving camera. First is a broccoli box from Channel Farm, Kinross. As this produce is from Scotland I was happy to read the slogan "Builds Braw Bodies". But can anyone tell me why has the boxes designer included an illustration of a braw female body who looks like Marsha Hunt circa 1969, complete with frizzy afro hairstyle and psychedelic bell-bottoms? And how about the cauliflower box also above? No self-respecting Mac carrying designer would dare go for the anthropomorphic angle these days but here we have a cauli with not only a hideous grin but also disturbingly long eyelashes. I hope this vegetable countenance never visits me in a future nightmare...