Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is how the cover of the John Bagnall BD Zine issue will look. The front illustration is of two teenage characters I call The Fairfield Prodigies. These have previously appeared in the Winter 2004 edition of Fantagraphics Comics Journal Special and a couple of my recent self-published chap-books. I usually avoid autobiography as I believe its the un-imaginative bane of "indie" comics but will admit the Prodigies are the nearest I will comfortably get to that self-indulgent genre. The urban 70s background you see is how things looked to me while growing up in Liverpool, England and the nylon anorak wearing fellow to the right is myself, while the school blazer wearing youth on the left is my school-friend Graham, who is now a prominent Labour Councillor.


Anonymous said...

Nowt necessarily wrong with being a bit autobiographical, old chap, although I am aware those "unimaginative banes" of wich you speak - an interminable slew of Gen-X slacker soap operas that Fantagraphics and their imitators churned out by the container-load back in the late 80s & early 90s (and may still churn out for all I know). But, hey, some of the finest comics to come out of the underground or "indie" scene have been super heavy in the autobiography dept. Perhaps it's not so much the tale but, to use the Carsonese phrase, the way you tell it.

So more, more, more of the Fairfield Prodigies please, John lad, it's a grand series of 70s snapshots and your fans want the next installment!

And I'd be right chuffed if you could see your way to getting me a copy of this comic even though, as a French O-Level failure, I probably won't be able to read it.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, missed out an "of" in there - see if you can spot where, grammar fiends.

John Bagnall said...

I take the point re. good autobiographical comics, Bobby. I mean where would we be without Crumb? But as you say all that Gen X whinging is one of the most regrettable tendencies in recent comics, usually from those whose most interesting life-decisions are which Radiohead T-Shirt to wear.

Hoping to get a big batch of BD Zines to distribute, even if it means bribing them French laddoes with fists of Euros!