Thursday, June 07, 2007

French mag BD Zine have generously offered to devote one of their next issues to my pleasantly musty comics. This has so far involved an email interview and I've been raking through my library of colour illustrations to choose some representative examples. But since this particular journal is only available in France, Belgium and the Netherlands I thought I ought to draw something in French. All credit to my sister Sue for translating this Two Up Two Down strip. Merci Beaucoup!

Will post the full page when I've done the colouring...


Anne said...

Hello John,

Couldn't see your email address on the site so am commenting instead. I've made some I like postcards and badges. Would you like a set? Can you send me your address if you do?



John Bagnall said...

Hi Anne,

Lovely to hear from you! Your site is still a giant web inspiration to me. Of course I'd like a set of your postcards and badges. The badge will sit proud on my blazer lapel.
Please send to:

John Bagnall
4 Belgravia House
Gilesgate Moor
DH1 1DY.