Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Three recent drawings based on Hebrew Scripture.


vollsticks said...

Lovely stuff! don't know if you know of the "Repaneled" blog, where artists post re-interpretations of comic panels but I did a panel yours from "The Chemist and the Capuchin". I wouldn't mind knowing what you think to it, Mr. Bagnall, so the link is here-
I really hope you don't think I've done TOO much of a disservice to your wonderful work but as I said I'd be honoured if you'd at least have a look at it, please! It was done out of sheer respect and admiration for your comics and I thought it'd be a nice, striking image to "have a go at".
Happy New Year!

All the best,


John Bagnall said...

Thanks very much, Ant. I was both flattered and impressed!

vollsticks said...

Oh that's great! As long as you didn't think I did it TOO much of a disservice! Thanks for checking it out.

You remain an inspiration, sir.

Best wishes,