Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The British High Street. As 2008 draws its last few breaths I'm probably not the only one to reflect on how the recession has hit us so quickly and so hard. Small shops are disappearing and of the big chain stores its not only Woolies which has kicked the bucket. The outlook is so gloomy that soon we may only have out of town supermarkets in which to spend our credit-crunch pennies.

Above street scene is an unpublished drawing from a couple of years ago.


Hurk said...

Without sounding too sickly, i think you're the greatest cartoonist in the UK. This is brilliant. What's 'adas'?,you usually use real brands within your panels which i always think is important historic documentary from living memory!
Any new books on the horizon??
Happy new year!

John Bagnall said...

Best wishes for 2009 to you also!

Adas isn't a real brand but should really read Ada's, i.e. a small shop run by a woman called Ada. This was a quite common name in the Liverpool of my youth.

Will advertise any new books or self published zines via this blog.