Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Vintage Warm Weather Refreshment. Temperatures are suddenly on the rise and we're having a mini May heatwave. After a hard day on the lathe or coalface I'm sure we could all do with some refrigerated treats like those pictured above.


Ten Inch Wheeler said...

Indeed. If it gets any warmer, the gaffer will be telling the skilled men that it's OK to work without ties.

I remember those DIY square ice creams - they came in two parts and tasted a bit odd - I always associate them with camp site shops, along with that strange milk that came in tall, skinny bottles.

John Bagnall said...

I refused to drink the milk in the tall skinny bottles.

As for inserting the ice cream block into the square cornet - this could end in tears if it wasn't securely lodged. How many blocks ended up falling and melting onto hot pavements?

Enjoy the heatwave.

John said...

Hey - I grew up on that tall skinny milk! Sterilised milk it was - more natural than pasteurised, which probably explains why you can't get it any more in our health'n'safety-conscious era. Thing is, my experience was the opposite: on camping trips we could never find 'our' milk and had to make do with short fat bottled milk.