Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rural hand-painted sign. I've driven past this very nice amateur sign nearly every day in the past few months and have grown to love its untutored gloss-paint brushiness. Pointers to its unprofessional charms are (a) closeness of lettering to border (b) confusion between upper and lower case letters, note the dotted 'i' and (c) random application of a serif on the letter U.

This formica beauty is located between Leamside and Great Lumley, Co. Durham.


Ten Inch Wheeler said...

Glorious. I almost want to ring that number to get a replacement patch for our garden. Who knew that leaving a bike cover on the lawn for a week could be so fatal to it?

John Bagnall said...

Yes TIW, and surely "cultivated" turf is a cut-above yer regular sods of grass?