Sunday, July 08, 2007

14th Sunday of the Year. Have just discovered this jaw-droppingly beautiful photo archive of 1960s Catholic Street Altars and Marian Processions from London's East End.
The Legion Of Mary and the Knights of St.Columba are fully in evidence here. Such social cohesion and cultural identity is now long gone of course, successfully eroded by the total triumph of consumerism. You mean there was once something else to do on Sunday other than go shopping?

For more, go here.


Boring Being said...

I'm trying to work out where they were taken. Looks very Wapping-ish.

John Bagnall said...

I'm no London expert, BB, but according to Danny McL who posted these great pics on Flickr the location is Tower Hill. Do you know it?

Boring Being said...

Aha! The top, one looks like the St Katharine's dock wall on The Highway, which is in fact right next to Tower Hill.

dannymcl said...


Nice to see you like this set. The photographs are all taken in the vicinity of English Martyrs Catholic Church in Prescot Street E1. So yes, some are near the Tower of London, some in Tower Hill area, some close to St Katharine's Dock. Others are in the local backstreets such as Backchurch Lane or John Fisher Street.