Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Talking of the MoCCA Arts Festival, it's now just over a month since I got back from a New York trip which included sharing a table at the fest with Ed Pinsent, Marc Baines of Kingly Books, and from Boston, Pshaw. With hardly a superhero comic in sight this annual comic art convention has no British equivalent (sadly) and this year displayed a staggering explosion of comic activity. Much of it highly ambitious - gone are the days of shoddy xeroxed mini-comics it seems. Lots of talks, panels and interviews also...but we missed most of those as we dutifully promoted our wares from the Kingly table in Room B.

Here's a New York snapshot from the MoCCA trip. L to R: Jeremy Novak (of band Dymaxion), Ed Pinsent, Marc Baines and Pshaw at an amazing exhibition of new paintings by Gary Panter.

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Caspar said...

I know it's been 12 years, but can you recall who did the pictures on the walls?